March Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“Violent attacks everywhere with everything!”George S. Patton, Jr.

At the beginning of March, the Soviet faction was introduced with the release of the Timoshenko Build in Heroes and Generals. This introduction produced a three way war and there are some definite growing pains involved with growing a new faction. But, the Soviets are coming a long and have even manage to win a couple wars! Timoshenko not only introduced a three way war, but also three way battles within the war (12vs12vs12). Check out Lieutenant Ashkenton participating in a three-way battle! Talking about videos, Schilli from the DUSD made his 5th Funny Compilation video that we are featuring this month.

March was another month of growth in the Airborne’s player base. Our French members have grown significantly over the past month and steadily over the last Year making the Allied Airborne Army the one of the largest French communities in the game. Ce est exact. Une des plus grandes communaut├ęs francophones dans le jeu!

Member Report

New Members – Please welcome our newest members to the Allied Airborne Army!

  • PVT.JoelDx
  • PVT.lalorien60
  • PVT.Ambiorix
  • PVT.rouston
  • PVT.Maniac
  • PVT.Lesco
  • PVT.Fr3d0
  • PVT.Labstephane
  • PVT.Purbow67
  • PVT.DeToNix
  • PVT.LoneWolfQC
  • PVT.Crisy
  • PVT.Zarmix

Promotions – Congratulations to all members that made promotion this month.

  • 1LT.CAPS04
  • TSG.DeadMeat
  • TSG.GP56
  • SSG.Libvision
  • SSG.JT
  • SGT.WarDaemon
  • SGT.Tetryl
  • CPL.Johnomet
  • T/5.Bourgui
  • T/5.Zolkus
  • T/5.blkandwhtlion
  • PFC.Alclarckey
  • PFC.Amshagard
  • PFC.Bu11rider

Honors – Members going above and beyond deserve recognition!

Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded for supplying the Allied front with Assault Teams as well as showing excellent teamwork in the strategic game.

  • TSG.Deadmeat
  • SGT.tetryl
  • SSG.libvision
  • SSG.JT
  • T/5.Zolkus
  • PFC.Jsdaf

Allies looking to get involved with the Allied Airborne Army, are welcome to join, but please read our CODE OF CONDUCT! You must register to the site. Submit an application and post and introduction post in our Mess Hall. Please note: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Combat Report

The month began with War 186 and it took a little while for the Soviet faction to develop and get on it’s feet. RETO made some adjustments after the first 10 or so wars went to either the US or GE factions – basically, which ever faction could softcap the Soviets first. After the adjustments, the wars were beginning to last longer. This started to develop around War 209. Towards the end of March, the wars were starting to develop much better, although recently there have been a few wars that ended rather quickly.

Communication Report

Join the Allied Airborne Army on our TeamSpeak at

You are also welcome to join the AAA in the French Cafe on the HG Public TeamSpeak at

Allies looking to get involved in the war in more ways than just being a bullet magnate, can find the right community or group to game with here at this link that |AAA|CPT.Rosiema posted on the HG Forums.


Before BlackViper34 passed away, his family set up the George Spiros Jr. Memorial Hockey Scholarship as a non profit organization designed to help young aspiring hockey players that can’t otherwise afford to play. We encourage you to donate as a way to help celebrate his life.

Published on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 10:27 PM