May Members Report


New Members

Please welcome our newest members to the 101st Airborne Division of the Allied Airborne Army!

  1. Pvt. Nythano Rifleman – 506th PIR
  2. Pvt. irishlake Rifleman – 506th PIR
  3. Pvt. Maxen Rifleman – 506th PIR
  4. Pvt. SpaceCadet_H&G Rifleman – 506th PIR
  5. Pvt. Calaniki Rifleman – 506th PIR


Congratulations to all members that made promotion this month in the 101st Airborne Division.

  1. Col. Caps04 Regiment Commander – 502nd PIR
  2. Maj. JohnDavis S1 Personnel Officer – Division Headquarters
  3. Maj. Axent Executive Officer – 502nd PIR
  4. Maj. WarDaemon Regimental Commander – 506th PIR
  5. Capt. Ashkenton Battalion Commander – 506th PIR
  6. 1st Lt. Tomcath Company Commander – 506th PIR
  7. 1st Lt. Alclarkey Company Commander – 506th PIR
  8. 1st Sgt. Shinma Division First Sergeant – Division Headquarters
  9. 1st Sgt. Lexx_Goffman Regimental First Sergeant – 501st PIR
  10. T/Sgt. Zipnot Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  11. T/Sgt. klle7 Squad Leader – 506th PIR
  12. T/Sgt. RoyalScotsRMWayne Squad Leader – 506th PIR
  13. S/Sgt. Soupi94 Squad Leader – 501st PIR
  14. S/Sgt. Lastel Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  15. S/Sgt. Scoutsniper Squad Leader – 506th PIR
  16. S/Sgt. BERKSHIRE10 Squad Leader – 506th PIR
  17. Sgt. CrazyBaer Squad Leader – 506th PIR
  18. T/4 Sgt. -wolf-k- Assistant Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  19. T/4 Sgt. Armento Assistant Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  20. T/4 Sgt. Fenris87 Assistant Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  21. T/4 Sgt. Mfirearce Assistant Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  22. T/4 Sgt. Ahinara Assistant Squad Leader – 502nd PIR
  23. T/4 Sgt. Red Assistant Squad Leader – 506th PIR
  24. Cpl. sliders38 Rifleman – 502nd PIR
  25. Cpl. Rouston Rifleman – 502nd PIR
  26. Cpl. Rifleman – 506th PIR
  27. Cpl. MasterSnuggles Rifleman – 506th PIR
  28. Cpl. JNutella Rifleman – 506th PIR
  29. Cpl. IngloriouslyBad Rifleman – 506th PIR
  30. Cpl. dan469 Rifleman – 506th PIR
  31. Cpl. xStormchaser Rifleman – 506th PIR
  32. T/5 Cpl. Goldorzo Rifleman – 502nd PIR
  33. Pfc. Juanmarcos Rifleman – 502nd PIR
  34. Pfc. Cedric Hunter Rifleman – 502nd PIR



  1. Capt. Xulle transferred from the 506th PIR to Division HQ as S3 Operations Officer. He has more experience than most of us on setting and organizing Operations.
  2. 1st Sgt. Kanibal was transferred to the 327th GIR from Division HQ.
  3. 1st Sgt. Shinma was transferred to Division HQ from 506th PIR.

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NOTE: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Published on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 1:10 PM