May Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”Winston Churchill

The Allied Airborne Army got back in the saddle with war effort this past month in Heroes and Generals. Many spectacular and victorious battles followed and much ass kicking was given. Teamwork between our Anglophones and Francophones soldiers in our community is at an all time high. It’s like a well oiled machine on the battlefield. Our brothers from WP (Wolna Polska) have join us on the battlefield, the Devils Brigade is never far. The amount of hurt we can throw at our enemies is intense and they are starting the feel it. Even with the game having some major issues, many of us have found ways to have fun within our community.

The Heroes and Generals community is really looking forward to a new build. The Vasilevsky Build will introduce an improved melee system so expect an obnoxious amount of ‘whacking’ in the game. Assault Teams will have a Morale system that will hopefully keep Generals in involved in the game as oppose to just sending their teams everywhere (even made a little Morale Poster). There are a lot of little things the Heroes and Generals’ community overall would like to see developed like an improved auto-resolve system and anything to limit the troll blocking on the front line. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the next build keeps the population involved. It would be nice to see Heroes and Generals’ community of 5 million really become active in the game.

Member Report

New Members – Please welcome our newest members to the Allied Airborne Army!

  • PVT.Personnee
  • PVT.MtcWalker
  • PVT.Redpat
  • PVT.Zipnot
  • PVT.Yoshi
  • PVT.SamGiancana

Promotions – Congratulations to all members that made promotion this month.

  • TSG.Axent
  • SGT.Ze.Patriot
  • SGT.JohnDavis
  • T/4.Zolk
  • T/4.Grandlion
  • T/4.QcLaRacaille
  • T/4.klle7
  • CPL.Amshagard
  • CPL.JoelDx
  • T/5.Gadgie
  • PFC.Tombels
  • PFC.Tomcath
  • PFC.Hawke34

Honors – Members going above and beyond the call of duty deserve recognition!

Bronze Star

The Bronze Star is being awarded for excellent display of leadership on the battlefield.

  • SGT.QcLaRacaille
  • T/4.Zolk

Soliders Medal

Awarded for constant and consistent strategic leadership as well as teamwork and recruitment.

  • TSG.Axent
  • T/4.grandlion
  • T/4.Bourgui

Want to be apart of the one of the largest and most experienced Allied community in Heroes and Generals? Are you looking for serious fun? Do you want to experience coordinated game play, tactics, logistics and learn about the history of one of the most decorated outfits that served in World War II? Allies looking to get involved with the Allied Airborne Army are welcome to join, but please read our CODE OF CONDUCT! You must register to the site. Submit an application and post and introduction post in our Mess Hall. Please note: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Combat Report

Like in the previous report, the wars are still finishing too quickly lasting only a few days. The days of long wars are far behind us and are sorely missed. The Allies have regroup over the last several weeks and the Allied Airborne Army is leading the charge on the Battlefield. In the past couple weeks alone, the AAA has played in over a hundred battles and can probably count on one hand the amount of defeats we encountered. It really is great to see the squads all working together in textbook fashion.

The Allies won the most recent war (266), which saw an Axis surge late that wasn’t intense enough to capture enough capitals for the win. They were pissed and proceeded to smear the names of our brother communities. Needless to say, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s only their frustration speaking. Auto-resolving won’t win the wars every time and it definitely won’t win wars while the communities on the Allies put forth a bit of effort.

The current war is going well for the Allies. the Axis had a number of major opportunities flawed by solid Allied advances. Even against their best players, the Allies are plowing forward!!

Communication Report

Join the Allied Airborne Army on our TeamSpeak at

You are also welcome to join the AAA in the French Cafe on the HG Public TeamSpeak at

Allies looking to get involved in the war in more ways than just being a bullet magnate, can find the right community or group to game with here at this link that |AAA|CPT.Rosiema posted on the HG Forums.


Before BlackViper34 passed away, his family set up the George Spiros Jr. Memorial Hockey Scholarship as a non profit organization designed to help young aspiring hockey players that can’t otherwise afford to play. We encourage you to donate as a way to help celebrate his life.

Published on Friday, May 1, 2015 at 10:34 PM