Medal of Honor Allied Assault Objective Maps

Objective Maps

OBJ_1: The Hunt

In The Hunt, the Allied team must infiltrate a bombed-out town and destroy a Flak 88 cannon. The landscape is filled with mortar holes, destroyed buildings, ambient gunfire, and a church that serves as a command post for the Axis forces. The level is beautiful despite the decimation of the town.

The Hunt can be a difficult level for the Allies. The large number of buildings provide sinpers with many perfect spots. Narrow streets are dangerous for anyone trying to move past an enemy with a rocket launcher. The Flak 88 cannon is at the far end of the level, safely protected by the stronghold of the church.

OBJ_2: V2 Rocket Facility

Unlike the wide-open landscape of The Hunt, V2 Rocket Facility is a tight, intricate, claustrophobic level. The Allies must enter the facility, make their way through a large number of twisting, turning corridors on their way to destroy a V2 rocket and the launch control room. The Axis team has only two areas to defend, but the many routes leading to these areas make this a large task.

The design of the V2 Rocket Facility is well-balanced and makes for many close contests. The rocket control room is small and includes a large window open to the launch pad. Attackers can enter the room from two different doors, but the Axis defenders can attack the room from almost every direction.

OBJ_3: Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach is the centerpiece of the single-player campaign in Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt, and it makes for one of the best multiplayer levels for any shooter. Objective-based gameplay would be extremely popular with only this single level. Just like it happened in 1944, the Allies hit Omaha Beach at the beginning of the match in Higgins boats. The Axis team has control of the cliffs and is pouring down a relentless stream of machine gun fire while 15CM cannons rip apart the beach with terrible ferocity.

To succeed, the Allied team must blow up two 15CM cannons before time runs out. Unlike the other objective levels, all players respawn during the round, so a team cannot win by killing everyone on the other team. The cannons are on top of the cliffs, directly behind the machine gun bunkers. The Axis team may have the advantage at the beginning of the round, but the size of the level can make it difficult to defend both cannons successfully.

OBJ_4: The Bridge

The Bridge is the last of the objective levels, but is certainly not the least favorite. The goal in The Bridge centers upon a stone bridge in the center of a quaint town. The Allies must defend the bridge from attack, and Axis team must plant two bombs at the base of the bridge to destroy it.

While The Bridge is fun with any weapon, it is ideally suited for snipers. All of the buildings in the town are standing and most provide a good sniper with a clear shot at the enemy. The long, narrow street leading to the bridge is a dangerous place, no matter which team you are on.

Published on Friday, February 14, 2003 at 3:31 PM