Medal Of Honor: War On Terror?

What began as a phenomenon on the original PlayStation has declined into a series that boasts little more than average FPSs. Most will agree that the last truly great installments were Frontline for the PS2 and Allied Assault for the PC. Since then, things seem to have been shaky, and last year’s Medal of Honor: Airborne still struggles to get off the ground in the FPS world.

According to a portion of an EA survey, and a variety of other sources, it seems Medal of Honor could be getting a drastic overhaul. Apparently, the survey focused heavily on a new concept EA is considering for their franchise, and it centers on what some may see as still-too-sensitive material: the current war on terror. That’s right, if this is true, you’ll be seeking out Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. The premise operates around a true-life 2002 coalition forces mission entitled, “Anaconda,” and players will take control of Petty Officer First Class Neil Roberts, a Navy SEAL and a man charged with the difficult task of saving Anaconda from complete disaster. Here’s a snippet from the survey:

“In March of 2002, coalition forces moved into Northern Afghanistan to root out and eliminate a known enclave of Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. The operation, code-named Anaconda, was a multi-national offensive designed to force the enemy out of entrenched caves and strong points carved into key positions overlooking the Shahikot Valley. From this position, coalition troops on the ground could then encircle and squeeze the enemy into submission (hence the name ‘Anaconda’). It was one of the greatest disasters in modern military history.”

Interestingly enough, it seems we’ll be taking on multiple roles in the game, too. The concept talks about playing as soldiers, mortar teams, Predator drone pilots, forward combat controllers, and long range snipers. Now, this is the first we’re hearing of a video game based directly on the war on terror that rages to this day, so we’re wondering what kind of response EA will receive. Well, we have games for every other war, right? We’ll have to wait and see what happens on this, and we also have to confirm with EA that this really is their intention for the next Medal of Honor.

Published on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 11:54 AM