November Monthly Report


Once I was happy but now I’m Airborne, Riding in gliders all tattered and torn. The pilots are daring, all caution they scorn, And the pay is exactly the same!

Salute Gents! The end of November marks another month for the 325thGIR. We’ve had lots of good practices with the AIR and a few scrims. We must give props to the AA for putting up an excellent show on the 26th and showing us that there is still much to be done in terms of gearing up for the European Theater of Operations League which should be starting soon. We need to maintain strong leadership and enhance our skills as a team in order to stay competitive and its nice to see that more soldiers are able to attend practices. The ETO map is looking good and when battle starts it should be a lot of fun for all the great realism teams planning to attend.

The 325th is always up for scrims, so stop by our forums or check out the pub on our server. The 325th runs a cutting edge custom realism mod with an excellent sound pack and custom maps, that comes along with a fun mature gaming environment (of course we have stats too). Pub is always open and practices are Thursdays and Sundays at 21:00 est. The 325thGIR is currently looking for other ETO clans that would like to set up mutual practices to help enhance skills and tactics against other teams in order to better prepare for the upcoming battle. Contact us through our forums if your clan is interested in a fun and friendly practice scrim and share session.

We are currently recruiting and have several new recruits this month. We maintain a strict level of maturity however we have dropped our recruiting age to those born before or during 1990. Those under 18 though will have to try extra hard to maintain a mature level in order to make private. Anyone is welcome to register and communicate with us via our forums to be part of the community. Read the forum rules for more info.

In September, we communicated with the Family of SSG Raymond Dentino. Brian Dentino was a great help with providing us with a story and images of his uncle. Our goal is to help build and preserve the history of the 325th GIR. WW2 has always been the focus of unit and you are welcome to come and help build, and recreate the history.

We are looking at creating a new video this month for our Realism Server. If you would like to get involved, let us know. Members interested in stepping it up in the 325th GIR can get involved with recruiting and Honors, and we are also looking for a few MPs. We can only encourage you to get involved or join up!

We are looking forward to the month of December and new scrims, hopefully the Christmas month will continue to be good to the 325th GIR.

SSG. HateMachine
1/325 GIR NCO

Published on Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 5:44 PM