October Members Report


Awards and Decorations

The “Distinguished Service Cross” is awarded to Alclarkey and Shinma for their community contributions both in war or otherwise. For continued time volunteered in support of the game. And lastly for giving some AAA publicity when farming those baddies!



The “Purple Heart” is awarded to Shinma who dispite suffering from a real world complication, still manged to take time for the Allied Airborne Army.




The “Soldiers Medal” is awarded to Decadent14 and CAPS04 for their commitments and efforts in making the 501st PIR and 502nd PIR outstanding combat regiments.



The “Master Jump Wings” is awarded to the following member for having the most paratrooper soldiers at their disposal (4) Recorded in the Paratrooper Survey. Kanga


The “Master Jump Wings” is awarded to the following member for having the most Paratrooper/Pathfinder Assault Teams (Between 10 and 15) Recorded in the Paratrooper Survey. WarDaemon


The “Combat Infantry Badge – 2nd Award” is awarded to the following members for showing regular commitment to the US Faction and frequent player activity for the month of September. GP56, Dopey


New Members

Please welcome our newest members to the 101st Airborne Division of the Allied Airborne Army!

  1. Pvt. iColt_BLR Rifleman
  2. Pvt. GloryofNight Rifleman
  3. Pvt. AlexLens Rifleman (AR)
  4. Pvt. verifecator Rifleman (AR)
  5. Pvt. Gideon_Clay Rifleman
  6. Pvt. CloudIsBack Rifleman
  7. Pvt. FOXinBOX Rifleman
  8. Pvt. Пендальф Rifleman
  9. Pvt. granny_kisses Rifleman (AR)
  10. Pvt. 5ergeant Rifleman
  11. Pvt. Rakkasan240b Rifleman (AR)
  12. Pvt. Nickfirstkill Rifleman
  13. Pvt. David_Heckmann Rifleman
  14. Pvt. Havokk Rifleman
  15. Pvt. Spacecore Rifleman (AR)
  16. Pvt. Redshirtsky Rifleman


Congratulations to all members that made promotion this month in the 101st Airborne Division.

  1. Maj. Libvision Executive Officer
  2. Maj. Tomcath Battalion Commander
  3. Maj. Alclarkey Battalion Commander
  4. 1st Lt. Yoshii Platoon Commander
  5. 1st Lt. JoelDx Platoon Commander
  6. 1st Lt. Zipnot Platoon Commander
  7. 2nd Lt. GP56 Platoon Commander
  8. 2nd Lt. BERKSHIRE10 Supply Officer
  9. 1st Sgt. Woody051 Regimental First Sergeant
  10. M/Sgt. Qc-LaRacaille Squad Leader
  11. M/Sgt. Lastel Squad Leader
  12. M/Sgt. klle7 Squad Leader
  13. M/Sgt. Scoutsniper Squad Leader
  14. T/Sgt. Amshagard Squad Leader
  15. S/Sgt. Mfirearce Squad Leader
  16. T/3 Sgt. Fenris87 Squad Leader
  17. T/3 Sgt. Armento Squad Leader
  18. T/3 Sgt. Rouston Squad Leader
  19. Sgt. JNutella Squad Leader
  20. Sgt. sliders38 Squad Leader
  21. T/4 Sgt. sliders38 Assistant Squad Leader
  22. T/4 Sgt. dan469 Assistant Squad Leader
  23. T/4 Sgt. Dopey Assistant Squad Leader
  24. T/4 Sgt. XpsypieX Assistant Squad Leader
  25. T/4 Sgt. Luciphoros007 Assistant Squad Leader
  26. Cpl. LvKafija Rifleman
  27. Cpl. wall_eater Rifleman
  28. Cpl. Ad_Astra Rifleman (AR)
  29. Cpl. ZonZ Rifleman
  30. T/5 Cpl. Lomani Rifleman (AR)
  31. T/5 Cpl. Juanmarcos Rifleman
  32. T/5 Cpl. Dachever Rifleman
  33. T/5 Cpl. daPavKa Rifleman
  34. Pfc. efim_pobeditel Rifleman

Want to be a part of one of the largest and most experienced Allied community in Heroes and Generals? Are you looking for serious fun? Do you want to experience coordinated game play, tactics, logistics and learn about the history of one of the most decorated outfits that served in World War II? US faction gamers looking to get involved with the Allied Airborne Army are welcome to join, but please read our CODE OF CONDUCT! Submit an application and please read our Recruitment Processing post.

NOTE: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Published on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 9:41 PM