Allied Airborne Army

We are an online gaming community with a long, distinguished history and we pride ourselves on a solid foundation of accomplishment and tradition by setting the standards for gaming communities for over a decade.

The Allied Airborne Army has had numerous Tours of Duty in a wide variety of tournaments and leagues. Including: CAL League, Online Gaming League, Clan Base, European Theater of Operation Tactical Realism League, and Team Warfare League. We enjoy tactical teamwork but we strive to have fun as a community by providing an open and exciting gaming experience. We always inviting new soldiers to join our ranks, regardless of skill level.

  1. 101st Airborne Division
    1. 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
      1. Col. Kanga Regimental Commander
      2. Cpt. Rosiema Assistant Regimental Commander
      3. 1st Sgt. KanibaL Regimental First Sergeant
      4. Easy Company, Headquarters Company
        1. 1st Lt. Hanibal Company Commander
        2. 2nd Lt. Ashkenton Executive Officer
        3. M/Sgt. Deadmeat Company Sergeant
        4. Easy Company, First Platoon
          1. 2nd Lt. Xulle Platoon Commander
          2. T/Sgt. Tetryl Platoon Sergeant
          3. T/Sgt. Libvision Assistant Platoon Sergeant
          4. T/Sgt. WarDaemon Squad Leader
          5. S/Sgt. JohnDavis Regimental Clerk
          6. S/Sgt. TemplarOfRage Squad Leader
          7. S/Sgt. GP56 Squad Leader
          8. Sgt. Alclarkey Squad Leader
          9. Sgt. Brymaster24 Squad Leader
          10. Sgt. Bluejester Squad Leader (AR)
          11. Sgt. Aldo_Raine Squad Leader
          12. Sgt. Henri83 Squad Leader
          13. T/4 Sgt. Thundergod Assistant Squad Leader
          14. T/4 Sgt. klle7 Assistant Squad Leader
          15. T/4 Sgt. CrazyBaer Assistant Squad Leader
          16. T/4 Sgt. D-ray Assistant Squad Leader
          17. Cpl. Dopey Rifleman
          18. Cpl. FortyEight Rifleman
          19. Cpl. gadgie Rifleman
          20. Cpl. Red Rifleman
          21. T/5 Cpl. Jodie Rifleman
          22. T/5 Cpl. tomcath Rifleman
          23. T/5 Cpl. LacisGhost Rifleman
          24. T/5 Cpl. Luciphoros007 Rifleman
          25. T/5 Cpl. Shinma Rifleman
          26. Pfc. cornerss Rifleman
          27. Pfc. ejopony Rifleman
          28. Pvt. patton1995 Rifleman
          29. Pvt. Ronin Rifleman (AR)
          30. Pvt. Bliss Rifleman (AR)
          31. Pvt. Genio Rifleman (AR)
        5. Easy Company, Second Platoon
          1. M/Sgt. Dembones Platoon Sergeant
          2. S/Sgt. JT Assistant Platoon Sergeant
          3. S/Sgt. Rushthebus Squad Leader
          4. T/4 Sgt. VonBaer Squad Leader
          5. T/4 Sgt. Skean Assistant Squad Leader
          6. Cpl. Kilts Rifleman
          7. Cpl. Vestice Rifleman
          8. T/5 Cpl. Prince_Eugen Rifleman
          9. T/5 Cpl. Zirotto Rifleman
          10. T/5 Cpl. Lendosan Rifleman
          11. T/5 Cpl. Dajjman Rifleman
          12. T/5 Cpl. blkandwhtlion Rifleman
          13. Pfc. Aacey Rifleman
          14. Pfc. Strike1Delta Rifleman
          15. Pfc. c0k3s Rifleman
          16. Pfc. LionWarrior777 Rifleman
          17. Pfc. reliqmortis Rifleman
          18. Pfc. Grottski Rifleman
          19. Pfc. SoulPunch Rifleman
          20. Pfc. Painmgt Rifleman
          21. Pfc. Jragon Rifleman
          22. Pfc. TrailBlazer01 Rifleman
          23. Pfc. eggman51 Rifleman
          24. Pfc. Bu11rider Rifleman
          25. Pfc. Redmen Rifleman
          26. Pfc. Purpleslurple Rifleman
          27. Pfc. NoMercy Rifleman
          28. Pfc. Jifster Rifleman
          29. Pfc. samick Rifleman
          30. Pfc. gdub87 Rifleman
          31. Pvt. Fields Rifleman
          32. Pvt. McLuvins Rifleman
          33. Pvt. DoubleDeuce Rifleman
          34. Pvt. Kaine_Odell Rifleman
          35. Pvt. IvanSidorenko Rifleman
          36. Pvt. Flying_Dutchman Rifleman
          37. Pvt. Alvin_York Rifleman
          38. Pvt. ZetaHerculis Rifleman
          39. Pvt. Hawke34 Rifleman
          40. Pvt. endoflip Rifleman
          41. Pvt. Killjoy Rifleman
          42. Pvt. Koosie Rifleman
          43. Pvt. Lokiwhacker Rifleman
          44. Pvt. Jarek_Avanti Rifleman
          45. Pvt. snuggles005 Rifleman (AR)
          46. Pvt. Skullbladz Rifleman
          47. Pvt. MtcWalker Rifleman (AR)
      5. Fox Company, Headquarters Company
        1. Cpt. Caps04 Company Commander
        2. 2nd Lt. Divishua Executive Officer
        3. M/Sgt. Axent Company Sergeant
        4. Fox Company, First Platoon
          1. T/Sgt. Johnomet Platoon Sergeant
          2. T/Sgt. Gr0w Assistant Platoon Sergeant
          3. S/Sgt. Ze_Patriot Squad Leader
          4. Sgt. Tombells Squad Leader
          5. Sgt. Amshagard Squad Leader
          6. Sgt. JoelDx Squad Leader
          7. Sgt. Zolkus Squad Leader
          8. Sgt. Qc-LaRacaille Squad Leader
          9. T/4 Sgt. Grandlion1981 Assistant Squad Leader
          10. Cpl. Yoshi Rifleman (AR)
          11. Cpl. Crisy Rifleman (AR)
          12. Cpl. LoneWolfQC Rifleman (AR)
          13. Cpl. Krollkop Rifleman
          14. Cpl. TouTa Rifleman
          15. T/5 Cpl. Jsdaf Rifleman
          16. T/5 Cpl. Jimmy57 Rifleman (AR)
          17. T/5 Cpl. G3nno Rifleman (AR)
          18. T/5 Cpl. Kgp Rifleman
          19. T/5 Cpl. Fr3do Rifleman (AR)
          20. Pfc. Avalon Rifleman
          21. Pfc. Diabolo84 Rifleman
          22. Pfc. Kelindil_fr Rifleman
          23. Pfc. Zith Rifleman
          24. Pfc. Boneswars Rifleman
          25. Pfc. Sorja Rifleman
          26. Pfc. Lalorien60 Rifleman
          27. Pfc. Personne Rifleman (AR)
          28. Pvt. Labstephane Rifleman
          29. Pvt. Otiston Rifleman
          30. Pvt. DocMoebius Rifleman
          31. Pvt. Marcelus64 Rifleman
          32. Pvt. Sprawn Rifleman
          33. Pvt. Ryareos Rifleman
          34. Pvt. Olstane Rifleman
          35. Pvt. XoCo Rifleman
          36. Pvt. Cidi Rifleman
          37. Pvt. Maniac Rifleman
          38. Pvt. Lesco Rifleman
          39. Pvt. Purbow67 Rifleman
          40. Pvt. DeToNiix Rifleman
          41. Pvt. Zarmix Rifleman
          42. Pvt. Evers67 Rifleman (AR)
          43. Pvt. 1sgthighttowers Rifleman (AR)
          44. Pvt. SamGiancana Rifleman (AR)
          45. Pvt. Zipnot Rifleman (AR)
          46. Pvt. Korrig Rifleman (AR)
          47. Pvt. Anticris Rifleman (AR)
          48. Pvt. Qualtek Rifleman
          49. Pvt. Armento Rifleman
          50. Pvt. Vitelio Rifleman (AR)
          51. Pvt. KORRIG Rifleman (AR)
      327th Glider Infantry Regiment
      1. Maj. Christof Regimental Commander
      2. 1st Lt. Charlie Assistant Regimental Commander
      3. M/Sgt. Bluefox Regimental Sergeant
      4. Able Company, Headquarters Company
        1. Cpt. Leto Company Commander
        2. 2nd Lt. IronMike Executive Officer
        3. M/Sgt. Kurt Meyer Company Sergeant
        4. Able Company, First Platoon
          1. M/Sgt. Baggnz Platoon Sergeant
          2. M/Sgt. Elderwild Assistant Platoon Sergeant (AR)
          3. M/Sgt. Foxhole Willy Squad Leader (AR)
          4. T/3 Sgt. BoZZHoGG Squad Leader
          5. Sgt. Dragonrage Squad Leader
          6. Sgt. ZeeMan Squad Leader
          7. Sgt. McDuff Squad Leader
          8. Sgt. Eyeball Squad Leader
          9. Sgt. WizZBane Squad Leader
          10. Sgt. Sonicsoul Squad Leader
          11. Cpl. CommyCrushr Rifleman (AR)
          12. Cpl. DesertFox Rifleman
          13. Cpl. Hellonearth Rifleman
          14. T/5 Cpl. Josy Rosy Rifleman
          15. Pfc. Strife Rifleman
          16. Pvt. Bspauld Rifleman
          17. Pvt. SteelSoul Rifleman
  1. 82nd Airborne Division
      325th Glider Infantry Regiment
      1. Cpt. Deadstick Regimental Commander
      2. 1st Lt. Izzy Assistant Regimental Commander
      3. 1st Sgt. Ranger Regimental First Sergeant
      4. Able Company, Headquarters Company
        1. Cpt. I-Man Company Commander
        2. 2nd Lt. Hammers Executive Officer
        3. M/Sgt. RabidWolfPup Company Sergeant (AR)
        4. Able Company, First Platoon
          1. 2nd Lt. Flagh Platoon Commander
          2. 2nd Lt. Huck Executive Officer
          3. M/Sgt. Jimbo Platoon Sergeant (AR)
          4. T/3 Sgt. Wildman Squad Leader
  1. British 6th Airborne Division
      1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
      1. Brig. Nug Battalion Commander
      2. Cpt. BMW Assistant Battalion Commander
      3. Cwo. Chickenlegs Battalion Sergeant
      4. Able Company, Headquarters Company
        1. 2nd Lt. Bobby4 Company Commnader (AR)
        2. 2nd Lt. Claw Executive Officer (AR)
        3. Mwo. HateMachine Company Sergeant
        4. Able Company, First Platoon
          1. Mwo. Tipps Platoon Sergeant
          2. Wo. Smurffy Assistant Platoon Sergeant
          3. S/Sgt. Chumee Squad Leader
          4. S/Sgt. Mini-T Squad Leader
          5. Sgt. Recon Squad Leader
          6. Sgt. Basil Fawlty Squad Leader (AR)