September Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin’. “Lt. Aldo Raine

September was mostly an upbeat month here at the Allied Airborne Army, but definitely an up and down month for the Allied faction as a whole in Heroes and Generals. Literal up – then down. The Airborne made some solid improvements to it’s Basic Training section and how recruits and recruitment is handled. We also changed our TeamSpeak location from Atlanta Georgia to New York (we were having a few minor issues and this move should clear it up). The AAA has grown significantly over the last several months and this just opens the door to better teamwork and more fun which we invite you to become apart of! And it is with our members that we begin the next section of the our report.

Member Report

TeamSpeak 3
We changed locations our of TeamSpeak server from Atlanta to New York. The Atlanta data center was experience a few issues with no ETA on when it will be corrected. So we copied our server over to a new location that is suppose to be running much smoother. Since it’s a fairly new move, we will have to wait and see if we run into any issues. We should know by this weekend if the new data center helps.

Basic Training
We have changed our recruitment procedures at the Allied Airborne Army to accommodate the heavier volume of traffic we have been receiving. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive basic training experience for our recruits and future members. We are looking for mature players over the age of 21. Experience is always a plus, as well as, airborne characters and assault teams. This is a four week program designed to help players regardless of skill level and experience. We cover communication, RTS/FPS tactics as well as open discussion about anything the recruits need or want to discuss.

New Members
We have added 5 new member to our ranks this month from BT Class 1209. Those that didn’t make it will get another chance this month. Click here for members.

  • PVT.TrailBlazer01
  • PVT.Redmen
  • PVT.eggman51
  • PVT.Bu11rider
  • PVT.Axent


  • T/4.CrazyBaer
  • T/4.Skean
  • T/4.Thundergod
  • T/4.VonBaer
  • CPL.Dopey
  • CPL.klle7
  • CPL.Mickdude2
  • CPL.gr0w
  • CPL.Red
  • CPL.Lt._Aldo_Raine
  • CPL.Henri83
  • CPL.Vestice
  • CPL.FortyEight
  • CPL.DeadMeat
  • PFC.Dajjman
  • PFC.reliqmortis
  • PFC.Grottski
  • PFC.Soulpunch
  • PFC.Jragon
  • PFC.Jodie
  • PFC.JeJe
  • PFC.TemplarOfRage


Distinguished Service Medal
Awarded for persistent effort in developing and setting up Communications.

  • T/4.CrazyBaer

Bronze Star
Awarded for skill and courage during battle while taking key cities that ensured Allied success.

  • 2LT.Ashkenton
  • T/4.Thundergod
  • T/4.Skean
  • CPL.Lt._Aldo_Raine
  • CPL.Dopey
  • CPL.Henri83
  • CPL.Mickdude2
  • CPL.FortyEight
  • PFC.TemplarOfRage
  • PFC.Soulpunch

Combat Report

Since the Axis took the first war when the Patton Build was released a few months back, it was only fitting for the Allies to take the frist war in the new Rommel Build. Prior to Rommel, the factions had to take the capital of the opposing faction in order to win the war. In Rommel, the winner has to take 12 out of 15 major cities. Which means the Allies can take Berlin and the war continues. Which is exactly what the Allied Airborne Army did for several wars. We were the first Allies to hold and spawn from Berlin in the history of H&G – a milestone. Teamwork between the AAA, Wojsko Polskie, Deutsche US Division and the Devil’s Brigade were key to these early victories.

Frustration was quick for the Axis with a build that was designed to eliminate multi-accounting and Assault Team spamming, the Axis eventually raised up and flooded the battlefield with overwhelming numbers of Assault Teams shifting the frustration over to the Allies once again. Seeing that Rommel failed in it’s mission to curve the RTS domination the Axis have enjoyed since the beginning of Heroes and Generals, the major Allied communities boycotted the game. The Axis have won every war since and in most cases they won several wars in one day. Not a very practical RTS game if you ask us.

So, we look forward to the up and coming Spaatz Build. Until then, we can reminiscence about the AAA sacking Berlin a couple times in these videos from CzBaer and FortyEight.

Sacking of Berlin – War 123 – CZBaer
The Allies quickly gained the upper hand in the Rommel Build shortly after it’s release. Early in War 123, the Allied Airborne Army attacked and took control over Berlin.
Sacking of Berlin – War 124 – FortyEight
In War 124, the Allied Airborne Army again sacked Berlin. This time from FortyEight’s point of view.

Communication Report

Join us on TeamSpeak. All information regarding the Allied Airborne Army TeamSpeak and the Heroes and Generals Public TeamSpeak can be found at this link. If you are looking for more organization and better teamwork in Heroes and Generals, get on TeamSpeak and join the Allies in the Task Force Channels. Click the links below to quickly launch TS and the servers.

Join the AAA on our TeamSpeak at
Join the HG Public TeamSpeak at

Allies looking to get involved with the Allied Airborne Army, are welcome to join, but please read our CODE OF CONDUCT! You must register to the site. Submit an application and post and introduction post in our Mess Hall. Please note: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Allies looking to get involved in the war in more ways than just being a bullet magnate, can find the right community or group to game with here at this link that |AAA|CPT.Rosiema posted on the HG Forums.


The passing of BlackViper34, our Commanding Officer this summer to cancer leaves many of us at the Airborne with heavy hearts. Before he passed, Viper and his family set up the George Spiros Jr. Memorial Hockey Scholarship as a non profit organization designed to help young aspiring hockey players that can’t otherwise afford to play. We encourage you to donate as a way to help celebrate his life.

Published on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 10:09 AM