September Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”General George S. Patton, Jr


With another month down and Autumn upon us, the men of the Allied Airborne Army are grinding it out on the frontlines of Heroes and Generals. This past month, Heroes and Generals release the news beta build ‘Leeb‘ which introduced M-26 Pershings to the front lines for the Allies along with a new armor system. Overall, it’s one of the better builds, but since the release of the Jefferson Build back in July, anything would have brought an improvement to HnG. However, this hasn’t chased away our activity which is good. Recruitment has picked up in the AAA and we are looking to add some new members. Let’s start there with the Members report.

Members Report

It’s been a busy month with recruits and we are gearing up to introduce a few of them to our Enlisted ranks.

The Allied Airborne Army has commissioned another new officer this past month for the 101st Airborne 506th PIR. Please welcome 2LT.Hanibal to our ranks! Between 2LT.Hani and 2LT.Rosiema, the 101st is starting to take shape with some of the most experienced and out spoken players on the Allied side. We are glad to have you both aboard.

Combat Report

After 85 days of fighting, War 66 in Heroes and Generals finally ended in an Axis victory. We are currently fighting War 67 which has already been nicknamed The Dirty War. Before we get into that, let us mention some changes to HnG in recent months. First, you have to “wear down” a town now as you capture it. This means instead of fighting one or two battles for a town, you are fighting 5 to 7 taking more time to capture and hold a town, allowing more reaction time from the enemy. This is good if you are the underdog. The speed of infantry and tanks Assault Teams are at a near crawl where as the motorized and mechanized units move fairly quick. You are seeing a lot more motorized units getting into battles before the tanks are. It’s always a strategic advantage to have armor in the battle and not enough armor is getting to the front. When it comes to the Allies, most everything is struggling to get to the front as the Axis consistently out number the Allies in players and Assault Teams. Working together strategically in teams is key to mobilizing a solid offense and the Allies have to fight doubly hard.

So why is this begin considered The Dirty War (or Wars since a lot of this isn’t new, only increasing). First are the exploiters. Many ‘script-kiddies’ are patting themselves on the back because they have found ways to graphically inject the game which turns opposing players pretty colors. When fighting at night time in the fog, a pink and blue head on your enemy comes in quiet handy. Adding to that, is players forcing battles to start with double accounts on the opposing side. While these actions aren’t necessarily faction bias, a great majority of them are being committed by the Axis. And that people are the facts – not even going to sugar coat it.

While The Dirty War concept is a turn off to the game, players should seriously not feel discouraged. The majority of the time, it will not effect your playing. This is a team based game. Coordination and organization is key. Which is why between the spawn camping, double accounting, pretty blue/pink heads – the Allied HQ, Task Force and Allied Airborne Army are together managing to win 80%-90% of the battles we fight. And that is another fact that isn’t sugar coated.

The Allies hands down has some of the game’s most talented players. Recently our fellow HQ member FighterFalconF16 earned the intro to Videolog 8 ‘Leeb’ release by Reto and Heroes and Generals. While combined Allied forces provide great teamwork, and an amazingly fun environment, we can’t possible fight every battle in the game.

If you are new or old, and looking for more teamwork, join the Allied Airborne Army, contact the Allied HQ, get involved with Task Force. It’s all there for you and there is a ton of fun being had by the Allied forces working together in squads.

Communication Report

Members and recruits are encouraged to use the Allied Airborne Army in game chat channel. Passwords for both our AAA TeamSpeak and Chat Channel can be located in the Recruit Welcome Center. Visit our TeamSpeak Server page for both live updates of the HnG Public TeamSpeak as well as the AAA TeamSpeak. If you are interested in joining the Allied Airborne Army, feel free to fill out an enlistment application.


Published on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 5:38 AM