Special Operations

May 10th, 2002
Special Operations – These are some suggestions for interesting scenarios that will count as combat actions. Please read. If you have suggestions for improving these, please post your suggestions in the Mess Hall.


Background: The 325th GIR has been assigned the task of capturing a German SS Officer who is believed to be separated from the main body of the Wehrmacht. HQ wants him alive for interrogation. He is not to be killed! He is believed to be with a small squad of Wehrmacht regulars, but most likely he is with SS Guards. They’ve been cut off from their supplies for a few days so they shouldn’t be able to put up too much of a fight, but just in case, we want to make sure we send our best after this guy- that means YOU!

Rules of Engagement – AXIS: The German SS Officer will be allowed to use only the Luger pistol. He may not use any other weapons. After exhausting his ammo supply, he will be limited to pistol whipping enemies. German Officer must wear the SS Officer uniform. Other Axis players will wear any of the German SS uniforms (other than officer). Axis players will be limited to the following weapons: Grenades, Pistols, KAR 98 scopeless rifles.The StG44 or Panzerschrek may not be selected. One Axis player may select the sniper rifle, but only he may use it. No other Axis player will be allowed to pick up or use the sniper rifle. One Axis player may select the MP40. This weapon may be picked up and used by other Axis players. (NOTE: The AXIS may pick up and use any ALLIES weapons that are dropped, except that the Officer may not use any weapon other than his pistol)

Rules Of Engagement – ALLIES: Only 325th GIR uniforms may be worn and should be appropriate to your rank. All weapons are allowed, except that only one player may select sniper rifle. Only that player may use the sniper rifle. Only one player may select each of the BAR, Thompson and Bazooka. (So three players may be selected to divide up the BAR, Thompson and Bazooka) These weapons may be picked up and used by other players. All other players will be limited to the M1 Garand, shotgun or pistol. If teams are uneven, the Allies must have the numerical advantage.

Capturing the Officer: In order to capture the officer, all other Axis players must be eliminated or the Officer must be killed by means of pistol whipping or being struck with a fist. If the Officer craters himself, he will be considered captured. If the Officer is killed in any other way (by bullet, grenade or Bazooka) by the Allies, Allies lose the round. If the officer is killed by means of pistol whipping or beating, he is instantly considered captured, regardless of the status of the other players. Note: The Officer may be wounded by any weapon, but the killing blow must be by hand to hand combat.

Winning: Axis wins if the Officer survives the round with at least one other Axis player. Allies win only if they capture the Officer as defined above or if they kill all Axis players except the Officer. If the Officer is killed during the round (except by himself or by another Axis player) it is considered a draw. Note: The Officer may not kill himself to avoid capture. Friendly fire should be set to ìOFFî to prevent accidental fratricide by the Axis. If the German Officer is killed by the Axis team it is an automatic win for the Allies. Also, if all German players except the Officer are killed, the round will continue until time expires or all the Allies are eliminated. The Germans can still win if the Officer can kill all the American players before time runs out. However, if the round ends with only the Officer alive and ANY Allies are left, the Officer is considered captured and the Allies win.

Concept: This Operation is designed to test the Allies skills and discipline. While the Germans will be outnumbered and/or outgunned, they have the advantage of being on the defense with their officer essentially immune from enemy fire. The Officer may expose himself to enemy fire since being killed by the Allies will force a draw. This operation will also test the Germans ability to defend an objective (in this case, their Officer). This scenario will require more skill and finesse since the Allies canít risk killing the officer with a poorly placed grenade or machine gun burst. Also, the objective is able to move and fight back! The Germans will be at a firepower disadvantage, but the ROE restrictions on the Allies should even out the odds.


Background: Each team selects ONE player to be the SNIPER. These two players must change his screen name to include ìSNIPERî. No one else is allowed to have ìSNIPERî in their screen name.

Rules Of Engagement: Bazooka & Panzerschrek are not allowed. All other weapons are unlimited except that ONLY The SNIPER may use the sniper rifle. He is not limited to sniper rifle. Standard Round Match is played on any map. The round ends as soon as any teamís SNIPER is killed.

Scoring: A team scores points equal to the number of opponents that YOUR sniper kills. You lose one point for each opponent killed by anyone OTHER than your sniper (except no points are lost for killing the opponents sniper.) Example: Your teamís sniper kills 4 opponents, then another player kills their sniper. Your team scores 4 points. Example2: Your teamís sniper kills one opponent. The rest of you team kills two other opponents, but not the sniper. Then your sniper gets killed, ending the round. You get 1 point for your sniper kills and lose 2 points for the other kills, the net score is -1. Note: Only YOUR sniper scores a point for killing the enemy sniper, but you are not penalized if other members of the team kill him.

Objective: The objective is to have your sniper kill as many of the enemy as possible. You want to protect the sniper because he is the only one who can score for your team. You want to eliminate the opposing sniper as soon as possible to prevent him from scoring. You want to allow opponents other than the sniper to kill you team as this causes the opponent to lose points. This is test of discipline and smarts. You canít be too aggressive because odds are youíll lose points in the round if you kill indiscriminately. You canít be too defensive otherwise you wonít score any points.

NOTES: One tactic would be to arm all of your team with identical weapons and uniforms to make it impossible to visually detect the sniper. Another tactic would be to keep your men in one group, making it difficult to pick off the sniper alone. All members could fire simultaneously to make it more difficult to tell which one is the sniper.

STALEMATE: In order to prevent the tendency for each team to be ultra-cautious and the resultant stalemate, the following option could be implemented: If the round ends with neither teams sniper killed, each team is assessed a penalty equal to ‡ the number of players on their team. (So if your sniper has racked up a good number of kills, itís in your best interest to make sure one of the snipers is killed in order to collect those points.


Background: 4th Battalion, Victor Company of the 325th GIR have been dropped too far behind enemy lines on June 7th, 1944. They have been surrounded by the 15th Fallschrimjager and must send out a signal to notify nearby Allied forces of their position. The best means of doing this is to get one of our men into a high location ñ namely a Church steeple, to send out the signal.

Rules Of Engagement: Allies weapons unrestricted. Axis prohibited weapons are Panzerschrek and shotgun. Allies must wear 325th GIR uniforms. Axis must wear 15th FJ uniforms.

Goal: Allies must get at least one man into the following locations:

  • The Hunt: top of the church at the crown of the roof nearest the steeple.
  • Destroyed Village: top level of the church steeple.
  • Crossroads: Uppermost level of the church, next to the window.

Scoring: Axis wins if all Allies are killed or if time expires before Allies achieve their goal. Allies win by killing all Axis players or by achieving their goal.

Author: 2LT. Deadstick

Published on Friday, May 10, 2002 at 2:15 PM