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New Recruitment Process
Effective August 15th 2014

We have changed our recruitment procedures at the Allied Airborne Army to accommodate the heavier volume of traffic we have been receiving. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive basic training experience for our recruits and future members. We are looking for mature players over the age of 21. Experience is always a plus, as well as, airborne characters and assault teams.

Looking to join the AAA?

Register an account here at the Allied Airborne Army website. Enlistment applications will not be processed unless you are registered.

Submit an enlistment application and introduce yourself in our INDOC and Welcome Center.

Once you have registered, submitted an enlistment application and made an introduction post, you will be enrolled in the next available Basic Training class. You will be notified in the INDOC and Welcome Center when the next class will begin.

In the meantime, get on TeamSpeak (TS) and start gaming with us! You must have a working mic and TeamSpeak to be in the Allied Airborne Army. Members are commonly using both the private AAA TS and the HG Public TS.

A couple of links you should check out while waiting for enrollment are below. They provide some basic information about the Allied Airborne Army.

The recruitment process changed a bit today. :)

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