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Everhart Update

Action Game Changes
  • The changes in this section are explained in the news post: “Immersion and Gunplay Tweaks in Everhart”.
  • IK foot upgrades to improve looks and immersion on angled surfaces and when moving in crouch
  • Character movement optimizations to improve feel and immersion
  • Deploy cam upgraded and reworked to provide a smoother transition and enhance immersion
  • Death cam upgraded and reworked
  • Relative mouse input, for decreased mouse latency and better handling
  • Vehicle seat transitions improved (switch/enter/exit)
  • Aligned camera angles (enter/exit)
  • Using hatch-animation when exiting from inside view
  • Seat camera constraint tweaks, to make it feel smoother and more natural
  • Show map animation upgraded
  • Doppler-effect sound fix
  • New optimized camera recoil system
  • Firearm tweaks (improved bullet timing & precision for both mounted and handheld weapons)
  • Added a dedicated button to switch firing mode, and it can now be remapped to another key.
  • Removed map bob (ingame map-bounce when running)
  • Squad orders are now shown in the deploy menu

Weapons & Vehicles

  • New German Blitz Truck Infantry Support Vehicle
  • New United States CCKW Cargo Truck Infantry Support Vehicle
  • New Soviet GAZ-AAA Cargo Infantry Support Vehicle
  • Minor changes to gun elevation & turret rotational speed to reduce jittering and smoothen movement for the tanks listed below
  • Adjusted Depression / Elevation values on the tanks listed below. For the Soviet tanks this lets them lower their gun a bit more than before to improve gameplay.
    • Light Tanks: Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C, BT-7 Model 1937, T-38 Model 1937. T-70 Model 1942, M5A1 Stuart
    • Medium Tanks: Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J, Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H, Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. G, T-34 76 Model 1942, T-34 85 Model 1944, M4A3E8 Sherman, M4A1 Sherman
    • Heavy Tanks: IS-2 Model 1944
  • Added the correct weapon sounds for the T-20
  • Fixed entering T-20 animation issue where the soldiers hand would flip up and down rapidly
  • Fixed sudden change of head / camera position in the T-20 gunner position when zooming out of aimed view
  • T-20 and Weasel no longer count as tank kills in the scoreboard
  • Fixed tripping animation issue when turning 359 degrees in 3rd person in the M18 Hellcat
  • Changes to deploying in halftracks:
    • You no longer deploy directly in to the gunmount
    • When in the gunmount position you will always be able to switch away
  • Reduced ‘Wrench’ from 2 to 1 equipment point and changed the damage to 35
  • Grenades, mines and rocket launchers now has an ammunition box that needs refilling, instead of ‘repair’.
  • Reduced default number of clips for PPD-40 and PPSh-41 to 2, bringing the total number of bullets in line with the other SMGs

Skins & Camouflages

War Map
  • Removed "Squad has to have resources" requirement from queueing on specific War Battles, this makes it easier to join specific battles. - Having Assault Teams in the battle still gives a higher priority for joining that battle
  • Added 2 new towns in The Netherlands (Gouda and Veenendaal)

Ribbons, Badges & Unlocks
  • Moved Iron fist Bronze to Chauffeur ribbon grade 2 to 1
  • Added all 3 new truck unlocks to Chauffeur ribbon grade 2

UI Changes
  • New faction filter mechanism
  • Global items (top bar) is now less cluttered, options are now in a dropdown with easier access to many items
  • ‘Mute sound’ button has been removed, but volume can of course still be adjusted in the menu.
  • Team kill/damage penalty information has been updated with layout and tooltip.
  • Notifications and messages are now accessed from top left corner
  • Friends list has been changed to a window in order to improve user experience
  • All flash windows follow new unified design rules to make them more consistent and easier to use.
  • Added the option to close any window with a close button in the upper right corner
  • New soldier screen backgrounds with faction color tinting

  • Updated the Bad Words filter
  • Improved and updated Anti-cheat.
  • Various Backend optimizations
  • Friend list now no longer scrolls to the top when a friend’s status has changed
  • Creating a chat channel starting with Soviet will no longer create a second Soviet Army channel
  • Fixed the source of a time-out issue on the Steam Client
  • Fixed a rare crash occurring when launching First Blood