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In that case ....

McDonnell XP-67

Seversky P-35

Berliner-Joyce F2J

Consolidated P-30

Naval Aircraft Factory TS

:wink: (Just kidding)

I've been a participant in another community's development suggestion sub-forum for too many years. ... 287.0.html

Suggestions implemented (I wasn't the only one suggesting):

Sherman tank
Iowa Class Battleship
I-16 Mosca
F4U-1A variant of the Corsair

Suggestions not implemented (yet)

SM.79 Sparviero
A complete Spanish Civil Was plane set and terrain
Operational torpedo tubes on the destroyers
PBY Catalina

Implemented though I fought against it

B-29 Superfortress

I think in this game I'll back off suggesting stuff

Rifle grenades
accuracy penalty while dodging/jumping
fighter wing-mount gun harmonization
shovel/entrenching tool foxhole digging
hand-to-hand and rifle melee ability

Honestly, my college homework is suffering. :)
scoutsniper wrote: H&G stopped really caring about historical accuracy after they gave us camouflage uniforms. I'm not against it but, when I started palying, it was much more a realistic game. quite a few tanks on all sides didn't see much real action either, but I don't think Reto listens as much as they used to. :(

Camouflage uniforms
Interwar era tanks
Scopes for everything
Tanks shooting down planes
Non-penetrable armor (small arms fire)
Damage to vehicles from bicycles

Yes. Since Reto stopped trying to follow any accuracy it made it open game to suggest a tiered aircraft system without regard to accuracy.
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