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We've talked about this in the Arma II post, but a little while ago they released the 2.61 patch for Invasion 44. I've played this before and it's awesome. Since no one here was playing, and it took most of a day or two to download Arma II from steam and download I-44, I haven't reinstalled it.

However I would like to play this again if anyone is interested.

Ummm, downloading NOW.....

It's a good time Lightning. Let me know when you get everything installed. Try it out, if you like it I will get it going on my system again. It's just a huge game between the mod and ArmaII to download it and no one wants to play it.

I looked into server set up for I44. It's expensive so if people want to play it on that level, they need to seriously want to play it and help out.

WHY do they make things like this SUCH a pain in the ASS to install?? It's just like DAY Z.... Installed it, cant get it to launch.... Honestly, WTF??? Why cant the just make it a simple .EXE and be done with it????

I remember it being a pain in the ass to install. But I did get it going before and I enjoyed it. Right now I will have to clean some things up on my computer in order to install Arma not to mention downloading it from steam will take a while.

I might consider it if installation isn't difficult. I'm tired of games that require a master's degree in computer science just to get them run.

If you guys would like some help to get ArmA working and lauching I would only be too glad to help you. I have been playing ArmA for the past three years and have some inside knowledge to get you up and running, and PS the whole ArmA community share your concerns! it isnt the easiest to get working but when it is workign it is awesomely rewarding!!

Thanks for the offer Grinderboy
I just purchased ArmA Combined when it was on sale on Steam
last week.
Ive heard about the mod Invasion 1944 and wanted to give it a try.
Yesterday tried to install both Invasion and DayZ.
Ended up Corrupting a file, so set back to a earlier restore point,
ArmA not corrupted anymore so Im going to give it another try today
since I have a sick day off.
If have any questions will let you know.


Hey Grinder,

I'm in the market for a new video card so I won't be able to do much with Arma until then.

We have you recruitment application by the way. Have you tried Heroes and Generals?

i loaded it up the other day. its actually quite fun. The ARMA mechanics are a bit clunky and not nearly as smooth / streamlined as most AAA titles, but honestly....its probably one of the better bets out right now. I love H&G...but as it stands now, its horrendously frustrating - between waiting for a game w/ decent ping and then the lack of cohesion amongst teams only to be hemisected by an MG42. Ive been playing in the 101st server....decent group of dudes who enjoy team work, its one of the more populated. If anyone is still interested we should try and get it working for everyone.

RushTheBus wrote: I love H&G...but as it stands now, its horrendously frustrating - between waiting for a game w/ decent ping and then the lack of cohesion amongst teams only to be hemisected by an MG42.


Anyone still play this? I got Arma II operations o whatever for the sole reason of playing i44 along with playwith6 but the download never worked. Same thing happened to me with battlefield for FH2 :(

This mod ... Sweet memories of many hours of playing or coding for personnal features and textures with friends :cry:

And now, there is a version for Arma III, but's it's special, I don't understand everything about it. I just know there are two version : Lite and complete. One free, and the other not.

If someone test this, I want a feedback :P

( Sorry for the English murder :oops: )
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