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come n join the party. lol

Whats the "lol" for?

servers having issues bones. was ment to be finished for 12pm gmt then was delayed numerous times until final open 5pm gmt and now its up and down with issues. think im gonna take a break and come back later

No tanks. When do we get tanks? I want tanks. More maps and more planes: I like. My first Warthunder patch experience and so many new things. Is every patch like this? wow....

not sure anssi as this is also my 1st patch i think. tanks will be in new year after they finish closed beta will probably be open beta altho i prefer to say its alpha really as war thunder is still a beta.

This is second patch for me and I was impressed with the 1.35 patch so hopefully the 1.37 is just as good.

SIDE NOTE: no more 9 hrs and sats micky so.......

The new patch is lolxD 2k13

I took Wellington and encountered two F80C in one battle lol
That's a wtf moment.

Yeah, the new tier system makes for some rather badly balanced battles. I expect them to tweak it.

realistic match maker is not working properly i've been taking t3 russian b25 bomber and getting f80c and also sabres. arcade seems to be working not to bad. Hani dont think your gonna like this patch

Seems like they've patched the game.

yeah idk mick got it down loaded lookin forward to flight night friday and a lil hng. I got some more pics aswell. I am gunna post um on forums so eryone can see. lol

Image inbetween 2 day and 4 day storms
Imageday 1 of snow storm
Image 1 days heat
Imageday 2
Imageday 3
Imageday 4 of snow no plow down road
Imageice storm
Imagepretty sunset
Imagesnowy feild
Imagesnowy feild
Image pretty sunset

You still like our winters bud. lol out of 7 days 6 of um where snow and 10 degrees f then day 9 and 10 is freezing rain and 30 to 38 degrees. I just want 70 and sunny.

GrDHanibal wrote: I just want 70 and sunny.

It will be in the upper 80s here throughout the week or so, and we are planning on going to the beach a couple times. Get a little surfing in over at New Smyrna Beach.

You should hop on down. Good news is that we are out of shark season (for the most part)... considering New Smyrna beach is about the only place you can consistently go surfing in Florida, it's close to where I live and it's #1 in the world for shark attacks.


still wish we had snow like that. lol

Well, after three years of white Xmases, this one looks to be green.
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