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Terminally_Chill mentioned a game on the HG forums (really a whole series of games) call Close Combat. WWII RTS games that have been around since the mid 90's. Apparently they keep developing the games and there is one that recently was released this year called Gateway to Caen.

It's seriously an amazing series for WWII enthusiast and it's like the missing link between the Campaign map and the FPS game of Heroes and Generals. Wish they had a view like that for Artillery. mortars and bombers. Company of Heroes has a somewhat similar point of view, however Close Combat has a much more realistic war feel to the game.

This looks really promiseing. A bit of commandos or hidden&dangerous.

I played all of them. They were developed by Microsoft Games, then Matrix Games continued development. First Close Combat was quite different than 4 other (Microsoft Series). My favourite is still Close Combat 2: Bridge Too Far. Many will agree that CC3 is worst of all.

Close Combat 3 is in Russia, CC4 in Ardennes and CC5 in Normandy. CC4 introduced campaign map. I played CC2, CC3, CC4 and CC5 against human opponents (CC2 Allies is insanely hard mode to play against human opponent)

I never played any of Matrix versions.

I played them all too. My personal favorite was the D-Day one. The clip looks extremely similar to what I remember this game being. I liked that you had an investment in your troops. And each troop had an assigned role to play. And you felt you had a lot of control.

I believe the one issue people had with the game was the OP Thompson. no wait, that's another game.
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