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Hi guys,

New trailer today for Battalion 1944 !
2 country added, i need this game ... :D
Great news!


Thanks to you and 10,095 others, Battalion 1944 (PC/XB1/PS4) has been successfully funded. Your pledge has been charged, funds will soon be transferred to the creator, and they’ll begin working on their project.

Battalion 1944 (PC/XB1/PS4)
Battalion 1944 (PC/XB1/PS4)
by Bulkhead Interactive
Visit project
Amount pledged

Pledge status

(Approx $71 USD, €65 EUR)
Sergeant Founder with Closed Alpha Access! (PC)
- Closed Alpha Access
- Closed Beta Access
- Steam Early Access
- 1 Standard Steam key (Full game)
- In-Game Sergeant Founder Medal & Forum Tag
- Your name in the Battalion 1944 credits
- Original Battalion 1944 Digital Soundtrack
- Personalised Battalion 1944 Founder Dog tags

Estimated delivery
May 2017

Shipping to
United States (£6)

If Bulkhead Interactive needs any information from you to send out your reward — like a mailing address or T-shirt size — they’ll send you a survey as soon as they’re ready.

Now for the fun part: you get to follow along behind the scenes as the creator turns their idea into a reality. They’ll keep you informed with project updates, and you can cheer them on in comments and messages. Leave one to share your excitement!

Thanks again for supporting this project!
I saw this game and "Days of War" advertised recently. Instantly brought memories of times long passed. The days of Mohaa and MohaaSH, and Early COD.

Those were some times eh? Well Im glad someone posted it in here. Im definitely going to be checking these games out when they come out.

anyway.. just passing by. I hope all is well with everyone! Its been a while... its been a while. ( something like 15 years.... holy fuck )

Artist formerly known as:
signing off!
Well nice to meet you man :D
:salute: It's been a long time buddy!

A few of us are getting alpha test keys for Days of War. I'm really looking forward to both of theses games.

Hope to see you around more often man! :)

Glad you are alive Zaedalus!
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