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Did someone already play ww2 mod on arma 3?

I played the Invasion 1944 mod for Arma II, but nothing for Arma 3 yet.

i just see you cant play whitout buying Iron front : liberation 1944 to downlaod the mod for arma 3 and seems really too much difficult to install xD
This might be a old thread, but you can play the Iron Front mod without buying the game! Just suscribe to the IFA3LITE mod on steam :wink:
yeah i see it yesterday , its a funny mod for King of the hill :D

but there is only the soviet and german nation
NEW MOD : ''Frontline'' , its like a HnG game but better xD

only 1 server for now , they are testing it each saturday but its not on the steam workshop
Hey now that is awesome! I always liked the ARMA series, but I haven't picked up ARMA III yet.

Arma 3 will probably be on sale in june at 50% like every 3 month

there is 3 ww2 mod i'm waiting for more development but there is a lack of server , i think people dont like the fact that in WW2 , scope x10-20 didnt exist xD

IFA3Lite AIO : Whit the Airborne update coming 1st june

Faces of war :

Frontline: no real trailer

new trailer for IFA3Lite AIO mod for arma 3

best part begin at 1:55 for 1st one and 0:20 on the 2nd

Looking good.
devblog 5 release 30 min before the update xD

Arma 3 in sale on steam for 18,69$ cnd june 21-22
I picked it up. I just need to get everything installed. :)

i played a 1 game of Frontline yesterday , there was not much poeple but i shot down a squad of 7 guys alone xD

i got some good ww2 mod i have download because they got some things more on each ( uniform , tank , weapons )

-IFA3 liberation
-Liberation 1944
-Faces of war
-Geist-A3 lite
-LEN-Weapons pack for IFA3 lite
-Enhanced movement

but you need at least those below to play

-Cup terrains - core
But H&G had a sale on camps, come back!
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