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I will buy it this week. Just want see if it will have a black friday rebate.

No health bar, no ammo counter, really realistic combat system. Its day of defeat 2 but a little more realistic.
They remake the old DoD maps like avalanche.

“After the mod version of Day of Infamy launched, we reached out to Valve to get their thoughts on the project. The original DoD creators checked it out and gave us their thumbs up. Valve offered to license Source Engine again to us so we could make the DoD-inspired game. They also encouraged us to make maps inspired by the classic DoD maps and provided permission to use art from their games. Although we had considered commercializing the game from the beginning, Valve’s positive response and licensing offer made the project a no-brainer to us. We had the opportunity to create an openly spiritual successor to the de facto WWII game many of us grew up on.”

Source: ... -approved/


Omaha Beach

THe game looks amazing! Though this is my question: what is the difference between this standalone version and the mod for insurgency? Though I have not played the mod personally I can tell you the gunplay is VERY similar to Insugency (which ironically was originally a mod for Day of Defeat if I remember correctly :|)
It is made by the same dev that did insurgency. The gameplay in this game was very solid. I will probably try it out it looks interesting.
What is good with this early access compare to others, its than this team is supported by Valve and can use their asset. So the development will probably more faster. The gameplay look solid too.
So, if we were to branch out to DOI, would we move both the 82nd and British 6th divisions there to represent the corresponding in-game factions? I've taken a look at the command roster and most men in those divisions have been gone for over a year. I'd imagine it's okay to move them :)

EDIT: The divisional commander of the 82nd's user just switches to Cristoff when I click on it btw

Any consensus? Any AAA own this?
I messed around with it a little but it didn't grab me for whatever reason.
we are some QC guys to have it , we play sometimes
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