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Enlisted runs on Gaijin's "Dagor" engine and can support matches with 100 players on maps featuring destructible environments, the developer said.

No vehicle support planned (yet);

Q: Will there be an opportunity to control the vehicles?

A: We plan that there will be different sorts of military vehicles as a part of the scenario for different battles, since they are a very important part of real combat operations and objectives in most episodes from WW2. But player control of the vehicles is not planned at this moment. We will think about adding such an option if we have enough resources and the community is interested.

Well that looks effin dope! :o

has early access started? it wasn't very clear
Got a bad feeling one will get microtransactioned to death.
WarDaemon wrote: Got a bad feeling one will get microtransactioned to death.

Yup, also with all these promising WW2 games coming out lately, i prefer the see the final product. Too many games looked great in trailers, but couldn´t live up to the hype.
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