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I'm thinking the Johnson LMG. I so far have been liking the gun without any mods, but I tried the trigger and found I did better. What do you guys thing? Maybe I'm overlooking some better combinations to help me reload less but still kill effectively. I just got so tired of the M2's sway firing after a vehicle roll or even sprinting.
The Johnson is a good general purpose weapon. good setups IMO is either 720 or 800 rpm (dont use any of the ammo mods adds way too much kick). fast reload is a good badge to use with it because of the small clip size. I prefer the damage/range barrel over the precision one but its up to personal preference.
1919 and garand are my mains now. Usually 1919 for competitive matches. I will be getting my hands on a Johnson shortly though... can't really review it yet.
In my opinion the Johnson is the better gun per fired round, but you can´t deny the 50 round clip of a good old Browning ;)
Just an update. I'm REALLY liking the Johnson no mods in war. Seems to put people down hitting hard. I'm reloading alot though so fast reload bad really is more important than heavy set I think. I usually always run heavy set but I might make an exception with this gun. Was thinking of adding damage to save rounds in my clip and reload less. Anyone build a lower rate of fire with damage and have anything to say about that? I would have to buy the mods for it so I'm wondering.
Fast reload is pretty mucha must-have with this gun. Personally i wouldn´t recommend going below 720 rpm though, there´s not much benefit to it, you just loose firerate. Also adding damage mods is not really going to help, the increase in damage is little to none, but i will knock your aim off by a lot.
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