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The game is in closed Alpha right now. I put in a lot of hours in an earlier test version.

Since i had played before i am already subscribed as one of the testers. I received a newsletter update the other day stating that they will have another test session this weekend.


ARENA is back: Please join our Alpha Test this Weekend!

We're inviting you to participate in the forthcoming Alpha Test this weekend. The game servers will be up at these times:
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Friday 24 February 18:00 to Sunday 26 February 23:59
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Friday 24 February 13:00 to Sunday 26 February 18:59
Moscow Standard Time (MSK)
Friday 24 February 21:00 to Monday 27 February 02:59
We're excited to show you the changes to the game and to receive your feedback.

Please be aware the game will not be polished, will contain some bugs, and its current state does not reflect what the game will look and play like on release.
How to get started
Joining the Alpha test is different to the previous process.
Create an account with Wargaming:
Redeem the Alpha access code in the 'Have an invite code?' box.
You'll receive an email to confirm your account. If you don't receive an email, check your spam box.
After a few minutes, you will receive another email with links to download the Wargaming Center client and the game.
If you already have a Wargaming account, you can redeem the Alpha access code here:
Game Improvements
Fully reworked faction trees and progression
New Commander talent trees
Completely new spear & pike gameplay
Updated graphics and maps
Redesigned battle rewards system
New user tutorial
...and much more

As always your feedback is very important to us, so please stay in touch with us in the Closed Alpha forum.
See you on the battlefield!

The Total War: ARENA Team

Here are some screenshots i snagged from an earlier test version:
I played in the previous alpha before wargaming get the franchise. Its a really good game and I'm sure wargaming will improve it a lot.

But I didnt received any mail from them...
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