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Maxen brought this to Nythano and myself as a cool game. And I did a little research into it.

It's a mixture of action and logistics similar to the balance of H&G without resources there are no battles than can be facilitated. But in Foxhole, this aspect is taken into the hands of groups of people in a more detailed micro management system.

In a simple sense players have to do everything, no auto generation of resources, everything has to be harvested and refined and crafted into battle implements such as weapons and fortifications.

Without anymore pretext, I think this is the future game style for a logistics and combat driven game. H&G seems to be spinning it's wheels, but this game is not a free to play, and knows it's only way to get money is to expand it's playerbase and generate revenue by attracting new players. There is no bullcrap between developers and the community, they take action on balancing when they see there's an issue, and take player suggestions seriously.

I'll be testing the game out myself in the upcoming weeks, but I think it would be more fun to play with the AAA as this is a teambased game.

PS. We've been on discord, that's why we've not really been on teamspeak. Here is mine: klle7 (Kevin)#4765 this is a server I made a while back, I'm repurposing it for a general use server for us to use.
I think it's a interesting different approach, but i'm not sure if that will be able to replace H&G for most people. I will keep an eye on it though.

Fyi, we have a TS set up only for AAA use only. You can use that for playing other games. ts3server://
Oh cool, I was looking for an appropriate place to go. xD
Another Early Access game......

I already bought into quite a bit of early access games so ima stay clear of them for a while. Also is HnG dead then? seems like the player numbers are in the toilet compared to last year and the year before that.
Fear change, Hng forever. I wish u guys would still use allied ts so I don't feel ronery.
I think it's going to take a major major major update to reinvigorate the player base.
501st guys, have been it this game since April.
We have few guys who like that game.
But i am not as hyped as they are, but there is a good thing, that devs work realy hard for this game.
But it is not worth to buy it :D
It looks cool but I too am cooling on early access games. There are not many I have really felt worth while. H&G I didn't regret getting into at all of course.

7 Days to Die, I've had lots of hours of fun with.

Um... Starsector isn't bad for what it is, but needs fleshing out.

That's about it.
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