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Has anyone every played WWII Online? I know it's super old going on 10 years, but they upgrade it constantly it's overall it has been very successful. However it's like WOW where you have to pay $15 a month. I think I will try it out for a month and see if I like it.

There is a new player video on Youtube that you can check out.

I tried it many years ago - probably about 4 or 5. I didn't like it much.

    Graphics were WAY dated even back then. The graphics were primitive even compared to the old MOH:AA and the frame rate wasn't as good. Vehicle's weren't bad, but everything else left a lot to be desired.

    Game got boring because invariably I was someplace where there were few other players. I would have to spend 10+ minutes before I even found a target.

    If I did find a target, odds are I was killed within moments, resulting in another respawn and 10 more minutes looking for a target.

    Early on, you are severely limited in what you can do (such as what vehicles you can use) and where you can go so you end up repeating the same thing over and over - which isn't so bad if you didn't have to spend 10 minutes getting to each reiteration.

On the plus side, the game did emphasize tactics much more than most games. If you really enjoy THINKING about what you're going to do more than just diving in and trying to out-aim and out-run the other guy it has the potential to be really fun.

I'd like to try it again just to see. Maybe we can meet up?

Good to know. I still think I will try it. I will let you know when I do. There is a 14 day free trial.

Graphics are graphics. I understand that they aren't all that great and from what I have read, they have improved them over the last couple years. Impressive graphics don't impress me much since the game play hasn't seriously changed in over 10 years. I'm tired of them taking a game, re-skinning it, adding more sounds and selling it back to you for $60 every year.

Personally I would like something different that people do play. WW2 - even better. I like flight sims, was mostly a sniper over the years, I enjoy being patient in games.

I opened a free account and started playing WWII online this weekend. I like it, however there is definitely a learning curve that I'm getting over. I went through all the basic training stuff and seen combat from a distance, just haven't had the confidence to get into the fight yet. :)

I might look at taking out a monthly account later this summer. Right now I'm just trying to get comfortable with the game.

I see they are improving the models and textures. I might try this one again.

Console gaming FTW!!!!

Okay, that was harsh, but still... After installation it took me nearly two hours to get the game to run. My new Laptop is too "high end" for the tastes of this game and I had to research how to fiddle with my graphics settings in order to get this dumb game just to stop CTD.

This game could have lost thousands of subscribers who didn't have the patience (or tenacity) to work through the problem.

Until these guys can learn how to program properly, they are just going to keep losing customers to the console market.

Surprisingly, the console market is on a downhill. Probably because people started to go out, get jobs, move. :)

Seriously though, I like the concept of the game. I will give it a couple more tries to really make a final judgement. I also didn't have any issues with installing or setting anything up.

I still am not sold on $15 a month. It would have to be a month that I know I can play quiet a bit and that probably won't happen until July - August.

For the time being, I am sticking with Cliffs of Dover. There is enough there to keep me busy.

Consoles are tanking because the big console game publishers are getting greedy and putting out stupid shit that isn't worth the $60 to $70 per game that they are asking.

WWII Online is moving to a Free to Play structure.

Read about it here

It's good to see that they've joined us here in 2012. Now if they can just make the game look like it wasn't programmed in 2006.

So many higher-quality games are going to free-to-play systems that I wonder if WW2 Online will still attract players.
This game is amazing, a true simulation of war AND it will be realised on Steam soon, with a huge graphic update...

Maybe the AAA can go trained some newbies about how to take a city with para on this game in the futur :P
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