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Make sure you are registered with the Allied Airborne Army website
before filling out the application!

Please provide the following contact information:

Your in game name (Game Handle):
Your real name:
Your age:
Your email:
Your Steam name if you have one:
State / Region:
Primary weapon of choice:
Have you ever been in a gaming community before?
Describe your past gaming communities, if none, then what experiences do you have with online gaming?
Bttlestargalactica online / Day of deafeat / Star-citizen / Ark / BF4...
Please provide a brief description of WHY you want to join the Allied Airborne Army.
parce que jouer seul m 'apporte beaucoup moins de plaisir que le jeux en team , que c'est un jeux multijoueur ...
Pour le contact avec d'autre personne

A brief biography on yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and interests (other than gaming)? Are you married? Have kids? You need not divulge any information that you feel is private, but we want to know WHO you are.
Stephan / 45 ans /Handicape / marié / 2 enfant ( 19 / 16 ans ) rien de spéciale a préciser. .Je joue aux jeux video environ 12 h par jour
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Parrain : Fenris
Bienvenu parmi-nous
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