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M1919 MG
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i've been member of several gaming communities, in milsim oriented FPS, flight simulation, MMORPGs. I am currently member and leader of Phalanx Organisation on Star Citizen.
Please provide a brief description of WHY you want to join the Allied Airborne Army.
I am looking for friends to play H&G. I do not plan to be playing hardcore, but i should be active on a very regular basis. I appreciate friendship, but i am also looking after some serious gaming. I am not a skilled player, but i want to learn and get better.
A brief biography on yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and interests (other than gaming)? Are you married? Have kids? You need not divulge any information that you feel is private, but we want to know WHO you are.
Luc, 43, single, currently unemployed. I play a lot of video games, currently mainly on Star Citizen abd H&G.Have read and understood our Code of Conduct:

Parrain : Fenris & Steph