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I have an Eagle Talon specifically for gaming. I'm computer retarded, so needless to say I ask Kanga for a lot of help on the subject when I hit a wall. This thing has two high speed graphics cards. When I got the computer it came with a big folder with a user manual and all sorts of extra wires. I was wondering, what are the advantages of running dual graphics cards first off. Second... How do I know if I'm using both or just one. The aforementioned binder had what looked to be a jumper wire in it. I was thinking maybe Eagle gave the customer the option of running two separate vid cards or combining them with the jumper. Any info/help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to have this beautiful machine and not get out of it what I put in!

Hey Kani,

I used to build my own pc's up from the first screw to the last cable, but that was a while ago. :)

Lets start with the beginning; can you provide us with the specifications or a link that promotes this pc? We will go from there.

Ill just come down and take a look for you, just pay me in beer! :D

Kidding aside, both AMD/ATi & Nvidia offer dual graphics cards solution. Nivida call sit SLI and AMD/ATi calls it crossifre. Currently, you could run 4 graphics cards together if your motherboard supports it (typically newer generation boards do - at least for intel chipsets, don't know much about AMD).

For SLI or crossfire to be enabled you need to have the two cards linked with a SLI or crossfire bridge (the "jumper" you referred too) linking the two, three or four cards:


To make sure its enabled, your going to have to take a look at your driver settings. You may also need to check your bios (if you are unsure, you may want to call falcon northwest and see if they can answer that for you). Below is a video (kinda crappy, but it lays it out simply) on how to enable it in the driver setting itself:


Running two cards if often going to be better than one card but its rare that you would ever get double the performance. SLI and crossifre depend on the game supporting the technology and your card manufacturer having solid drivers that provide profiles for those games (SLI /crossfire profiles help optimize performance for SLI/crossfire supported games).

A nice benefit to owning an nvidia cards is to allow one of your cards run PhysX (if the game supports it - its just physics technology game engines can utilize that used to be a separate company but nvidia bought years back) taking the calculation load off your CPU and other GPU.

RTB pretty much sums it up. Multi cards on mobo is really for heavy graphics,video editing and of the such.They have to be all the same video cards to be used in SLI/Crossfire. With those ribbon connectors RTB posted.

In gaming you could play max, highest graphic,settings,but I believe most online games dont recognize the SLI/Crossfire, and would use the card plugged into primary card slot.

I looked at Talons,Alienware gaming pcs long ago. I also saw the price tags.Bulit my own and saved alot of $$$$$$.
I did alot research mostly on my own. Talked to friends who are a pc gurus/pc programmer/systems. Did the math with the $$$ involved and save buliding or buying new gaming pc. Built 2 gaming rigs on my own. Both still working fine. the older one I gifted to my nephew.

Basically now if you went to MicroCenter in the Bronx or Newegg.com you could build something really nice because there really is no programming involved anymore.Its all "plug n play" Meaning the pc components will do it all for you, when it power ups. The pc components all come with pretty easy instructions. If I can do it , Im sure you can as well Kani, trust me.

Kani do you know a Gold in up in Da Bronx? He is a bother of yours on the job.

Thanks for all the help fellas. I think I'm good as it stands with the computer. Just didn't know if I was getting the full juice outta this pig. I'll call eagle and ask em what's up. Dembones... I don't know a Gold. You know what company he works for?


Next time I see my friend who jus made Capt. here in Queens I will ask him. Gold is just an OLD coworker I use to work with in Manhattan and he became NYFD like 20 or so years ago. My friend always give me the nod from Gold so I know hes doin good. Alot of friends I grew up with are biggies
in FD. Chiefs, I believe one is now head of substance abuse.

Small world huh?
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