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hi guys.i enlisted 1 friend 2 heroes and generals.he loves the game.he recently installed a new m/b with crossfire 2 put his crossfire cards on.he formatted his pc and made a new copy of win.and now when he installs the game he can only get in skirmish maps and factory.when he plays assault or defend missions it crashes saying missing files.he uninstalled the game installed new copy but nothing.put new drivers nothing.i gave him my live folder of the game ,nothing.i guess if he deactivates his antivirus program when he installs the game the files that dont get copied might work!!!any other ideas?thanks 4 your time.

There is a link: "check for missing files" when the game starts.

If that doesn't help, best is to make a dxdiag file
( http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/commun ... e-a-dxdiag )

And submit a ticket to Reto:

They always anser if im not mistaken. :)
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