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IS anyone good at setup.. I have ASUS HD7870 2Gig cards and no matter how I set it up only two screens will display. I can not get the three monitors to work?
I am using the HDMI, DVI, and Displayport to HDMI on one card when crossfired. If I disable the crossfire and move the Displayport to HDMI and replace it with a HDMI for the second car it will display 3. I can not link the screens together... only two will merge.

HELP... :evil: :twisted: :( Stuck..

You need a "active" display port adapter. You should be ok with 2 of those cards in Xfire, and eyefinity. Do all of your monitors match? And, you may need to use the adapter listed below, as long as your monitor has a dvi input also. Everything is plugged into the top card correct?

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6814999030

Ask me how I know..... Been there done that.... :wink:
I was looking or an active display port to HDMI and not DVI.. Says it will work.. will it?

That I dont know, all i know is with eyefinity, you have to use the 3 different ports, you cannot use say 2 DVI, 1 hdmi. It has to be 1 DVI, 1 Display port, and 1 HDMI. Sometimes the setups can be kinda finiky...

As long as its an "active" display port adapter, it should work..

I moved this to the Aid Station since it's more of a tech question than specifically game related.


Thank Kanga. I realized after I posted it that I put it in the wrong hole again.

I ordered the Active adapter... (Fingers crossed)

Active adapter work man?? I just got my 270X Toxic cards up and running, 3 of them are the sweet spot for a budget eyefinity setup...
It worked once I got it. Had been running 4093x1900. It's really cool for flight. Moved to Kansas City KS so it's in storage till the house is finished. [/img]

Kansas??? WTF???
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