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Just moved my OS installation from single Sata II drive to Raid 0 of 2 SSD drives.

Best Upgrade I ever had: 332 MB/sec Write test by Dxtory

I removed all steam games, ran Defraggler 2 times, cleaned up cache with CCleaner and repaired registry. Used Acronis 14 to clone OS from old HD to Raid. Edited Grub loader and raid came up.

Best upgrade I ever had! :D

lol so you went from old hdd to 2 ssd in raid 0?

Now that's an improvement 8)

SSD beats HDD by ages anyway :P
It's great habe a SSD because you boot in like 15 sec and everything starts instant :D

Hehe wake up and smell the coffee bro! SSD >>>> HDD

As John said, booting windows in under 15s (ca. 10s here, Samsung 840 EVO 120GB) alone is so much welcome and first reason to have OS at SSD.

You will really have so much joy with those SSD's mate.
But keep an HDD as a backup drive since its a bit more stable for storage on the long term.
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