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Hello, my name is Shadow10765. I currently have a clan, that is named Tenebres Network with a fluctuating amount of clan members, it can range from 6-14 at a time, with many member's lives are very busy, and they play when they can. I am recruiting new members each day, so that number can change.

Some requirements I have in the network, I have a few icons, and server groups that my clan members need to be assigned, such as [TN] as a prefix with an icon I personally designed I can upload into the ts when asked.
Some channels I need that look similar to this:
-| Tenebres Network |-
Administation -Read Description-
-----Chat I
-----Chat II
----------The "1st" Division
---------------Squad Alpha
---------------Squad Bravo
---------------Squad Charlie
----------The "2nd" Division
---------------Squad Delta
---------------Squad Echo
---------------Squad Foxtrot
Of course, my clan will adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Unified TS, and will also have to adhere to my own set of rules, which includes, but is not limited to, common sense, no hate speech, and respectfulness of each member and non-member within and not within the network and associated parties.
To verify my ts, and maybe contact me with further questions, remarks, concerns, or a notice of acceptance, the teamspeak IP = I shall hope to work well and hopefully band together in our fight against the Axis.
Thank you, Shadow
Did someone take care of this?

i don't think so :)
Nope i don´t think so as i just realized i totally didn´t see or read that post for some reason. Also i don´t think i´ve seen you guys on TS yet.

Anyway, the answer regarding the actual topic is yes, we can host your clan as well if you wish so. But let me clarify first that we can´t hand you such an extensive amount of channels, especially for clans with relatively small player base.
Further more the TS would become a mess, if we would hand out more than 3 permanent channels to each clan. But you will be able to create temporary and semi-permanent channel if the need arises.

If you have any further questions feel free to address me directly or hit me up on TS.
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