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Does anyone know how to use oversold, or ts for that matter, to enable in game speaker identification? When I first got ts set up over wolf was working and did that... with some of the updates that setting went away. I asked Google and couldn't come up with anything.
No, I actually removed Overwolf from my computer.

I have it but I didn't use it last night. I just went straight to TS. I should have loaded up OW and logged on then. :oops:
That was the only function I found useful besides seeing how terrible my actions per minute were in DOTA 2. Guess I'll remove it as well.
There should be a Overwolf icon in your taskbar (top) of your TS. Click on it, it will start (or install Overwolf if you haven't got it). Once you've done that it should start to display the speakers in one of the corners.

If that doesn't work, you probably need to enable your notification. To do so, you just click on the TS app icon. Then click the wrench for settings and enable notifications and which corner you want them to be displayed in. Done.

Hope this helps you out, if not let me know. I'm currently using Overwolf whenever i play with guys who i can't recognize by their voice ;)
I thought I went through all of that but will try again tonight, thanks.
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