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My latest X99 build.

Here is a photo link: http://s271.photobucket.com/user/screwt ... 0T%20Build
Fixed the link for you ;)

PS: What GPU/GPUs are you running in there?
Currently have 3, R9 390 8gb Powercolor cards in crossfire. Hopefully the pricing/avail on the Vega cards will settle down by Black Friday, i'd like to have a pair, or 3 of the 56 cards to run my PLP eyefinity setup...
THNX for fixin the link too.... First time eva putting a vid online....
You're welcome, that's what admins are there for.

Nice, but i got kinda disappointed by Vega. The performance is solid, but the powerdraw is just insane. Especially compared to their respective counterparts.
That power draw is a bit much, but, having 3 of these 390's is no pic-a-nic either. I bet my total load wattage would go down!
Fair enough :D Yeah, it should be down by quite a bit actually. The 390s draw arround 275W, whereas the Vega 56 should draw only arround 210W.
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