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ok a quick update on the foot issues im having ..............

was at hospital today there is goodnews and a bit of bad the good news is i can start to wealk on it now at last now its been 17 weeks

but the bad news is i still got to go back to hospital in 6 weeks to see if its then ready for therapy to start so im on crutches for at least anotheer 6 weeks so that will take it upto yes you guessed it 23 weeks :twisted: :cry:

Keep with it Smurf, do as the Dr's say, you'll be walkin again in no time... 8)

Good grief. You must be having a rough time. Best wishes.

So you get to keep the foot, I take it? That's good.

True that Jon. I would take the foot any day over losing it.

Ian, keep up the effort. Soon you will be running :) oh, and put some extra padding on those crutches, those things are going to start hurting your armpits before you know it.


the crutches dont hurt my armpits and i got weight lifting gloves for my hands so they fine to :D

and yes i can keep my foot :P 8)

and my crutches are all tinseled up for christmas also as im stuck with them ha ha ha will try get a pic on here for you :)

Smurff, you should create a new television show: Pimp My Crutches

well the latest on my foot yesterday 27th april i had a consultants appointment and well it aint looking good fellas

1) i got signed off work for another 4 months

2) i got to have another operation in the next 3 months to remove all the metal work and fuse all the bone

and there you have my next part of my hectic life story lmao

Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope things go well - at least as well as they can go under the circumstances.

I guess if they are taking the metal out that's a good sign, isn't it?

Man, that sucks Smurf... They let me keep my metal, I figure its "structural stability".... :P

I hope everything goes well Smurf. I'm sorry you have to go through this, it really must be getting frustrating.

Best wishes brother!!!

On a side note Smurf, if you were in the US, you probably wouldnt of had your first op by now, and the Dr's would be arguing on "whom" was gonna pay for it. Only to find out that your "insurance" didnt cover that "type" of accident.

The healthcare system over there is TONS better than here.... :lol:

Incoming Threadjack in 3, 2, 1...

99Lightning wrote: The healthcare system over there is TONS better than here.... :lol:

Our healthcare system is very good, but our insurance system is corrupt and evil, so actually GETTING healthcare is difficult unless you're rich or can afford really good insurance. Otherwise, I agree with you Lightning.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled foot debacle...

although we have a good healthcare we also have people who abuse it and get priority over the people that do deserve it alot more than them and this is not good if we had to pay for healthcare i think this situation we not be happening but it is and we cant do a thing about it rant over lol

back to fot its blody sore today :cry:

compensation update lol

had the health and saftey report its looking better in my favor now,health and saftey served 2 notices on the compant due to my accident and a few others for dfferent things

they had them on health and saftey at work act towards employees and also had them on working at hieght regulations as the fall was over 2.5 meters

so we now got to wait for thier insurance company to see the report and see if they want to change thier minds on thier own or do they need a barrister to change it for them lol

Man, hope this works out in your favor Smurf.... Anytime a "insurance" company gets involved in anything over here, it usually ends up being a "anal fleecing" for the "end user".... :wink:
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