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Hiya all,

Not sure if this has been posted and being new to the community I have not been able to find anything about "The War" by Ken Burns. Its a documentary and not necessarily a chronology WWII documentary but more of a direct focus on four US locations and the way it affected those places. I loved it and have watched it many times, I am recommending it to anyone who enjoys watching documentaries with cinematographic excellence and actual stories direct from the people affected by the events of their time.

Anyways, I hope anyone who is interested finds it as awesome as I did.


I have to take a look at that. Ken Burns did an awesome documentary on the history of Baseball. I would love to see what he put together for WWII.

... Baseball was really great as well as "The Civil War", which, was probably my favorite documentary by him. If you have not seen it, you should also check that out.

Yeah it was awesome, I saw it probably over a year of so ago when PBS ran it, it was run over 7 nights I believe. They would only show an hour at a time and I was not about to be tortured like that so I put it on my DVR and had a weekend binge. Was worth the wait.
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