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I recently made a character named 'Krazy Kraynak', so I figured you should all hear the story behind it. My grandfather (Through marriage, not technically my grandparent, but we call him grandpa) was enlisted in the 4th Ivy Division during WWII. I think he had the most kick-ass story of D-Day, and beyond.

A few days before D-Day, Joe Kraynak was switched from the 8th Infantry Regiment to the 4th Signal Regiment in preparation for the Utah landings. On D-Day, he was one of the first waves on the beach, and was tasked with putting together a light recon plane under German machine gun on the beach. Once it was up in the sky, he would call out targets for bombings and shellings. After the invasion, he was tagged back into the 8th for the push through the french country-side. His regiment met up with and relieved the paras at St Mere Eglise. While sifting through the Germans for weapons, he pulled out a wallet with a picture of the dead soldier's family. "And that made me cry. From then on I never hated a soldier for being a soldier. That brought it home; he’s not different than me.” (His words).

My grandfather also told us about how he liberated a French barn- and in the rafters, five star cognac. He said he had more friends in the weeks that followed than he ever had in his life. He of course shared with all his new 'mates'. While the IV division was among the first that liberated Paris, my grandfather never had many stories to tell about that. He said there wasn't much interesting. The running joke in the family contains something about a French prostitute and a night of drinking.

Towards the end of his service, my grandfather found a pair of displaced polish twins, who he half adopted. While returning home, he tried to bring them back and actually adopt them, but they were lost in paperwork and he never saw them again.

And that is the story of my grandfather, Joe Kraynak, who fought across Europe and never looked back. Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Sometime I'll tell you about my other grandparents ;)

Krazy Joe Kraynak S!

Mick ya should be in Glen Cove this weekend.... Cradle of Aviation Museum here has a WarBirds outdoor exhibit goin on. I cant make it but they offering
flights in B17s, B-24s. RushdaBus, how bout next year????


Very nice story about your grandpa Mick. :)

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