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Anyone have any info on the Super Pershing?

Was talking to someone who was mentioning an encounter between a Super Pershing and a King Tiger, sounded a little far-fetched.

Not very educated on the use of tanks in WWII :-)


S.P. was only used in Korea I believe, but it was not really succesful.

I only heard about a pershing-panther dueal.


That would be known as the Duel at Dessau on April 21, 1945.

Did it happen? I don't know for sure.

There is a write up on the encounter here. However, according to this write up, it was just a myth. We had a Super Pershing in Dessau on April 21st (two in Europe by that time), however there are no official documents stating a Tiger (or major German Armor in general) being in or near Dessau. The Closest Tiger II was 70 miles away in Berlin.

So, who the hell knows lol.


It is fscinateing how much mysterious stuff has been going on in WW II.
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