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some WWII artifacts from my great great uncle .. just got them today thought I would share

Very cool stuff (:
Seems to be in pretty good shape though (:

Little bit of rust on the plate but other than that not bad .. The pack is stamped 44

Keep them save ! Perhaps an apocalypse comes soon, then you got some equipment that is battle proof ! 8)

Very sexy JT! It will go well with your 506 PIR Helmet! :)

Nice stuff and the U.S hasn't faded away at all.

I need to ask. Is that the standard plate for US GIs. It's so small! The German counter part is way much bigger and can have more soup or hot chow in it: OP?
Well roast beef can be served on the US plate way much better... now I'm hungry

It's actually not a bad size it's bigger than my hand so it's a great size it's been kept in a closet for 50 years so it's in amazing shape.. I'm building a shelf right now for my helmet and the items in the photo with a gun rack on the top for my m1 that I should be getting in about 6 months cmp orders take forever
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