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Hey peeps,

As some know; I've been afk due to getting my rl problems I face now but I hope to get things sorted out soon and will be back.

I wanted to share some vids of events I saw close to my place (5km)

Re- enactment vid in the old city of Brielle;


Parade with some vehicles and some guests of honor; American WW2 vets incl a 101st member (1:22); (It was recorded at the beginning; the crowd was further along the road).


Damn why don't we have such things in Germany here :/

That's awesome. I love going to events like this. However, it would be much more rewarding to go to Europe to see it.

We have a couple Reenactors in the AAA, they should find this interesting.

PS: Typical German with a PPSH. :D

wow thats awesome :D
The true pride of the nation, my homeland, the best country in the world, as they said; Canada.


@Schilli: everyone would go crazy if wie had something linke this here in Germany :D

@Kanga: PPSH, the German weapon of choice ;)

@Rosie: I would love to see one of those reenactments :)
Also i hope things will work out for you, so that you will be able to join us on the battlefield again :)
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