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So, i've collected some feedback on improvements for the current permission system. So for the complete rework in 2.0 i will basically have to throw the current system completely over board. People basically wanted more seperation between the clans.

The basic idea is to switch to channel groups for the most part. The servergroups will either just remain as empty shells for the icons or will be deleted all together (community decision).

If you have some more feedback for me feel free to post it here. I'm also would like to to a AHQ meeting to discuss the changes in detail and set a benchmark for the powerlevels of over group. My suggestion would be the 4th November for the meeting.
I will be there, what will be the time?

and to get things straight, you want an uneven ballance of power between clans. some clans more power than others?
I was though 10pm CET would work best for most major timezones. But i'm basically ok with any time.

It is an option yes, that would also be one point up for discussion in the meeting. Should we do it? What is the difference? When does a clan get into the higher power group? Stuff like that.

An in General how the system should work. In particular the individual power levels.
ill be there at 10.
good turn out..

how far along are you?
I gues the best game plan would be trial and error. with the lack of feed back we should just start and change if problems occur.
Not even close to where i want to be, if i'm honest. I couldn't find much time for it lately. But i am working on a spreadsheet for the permissions.

Then i would actually like to just do a bit of testing with some guys to get some feedback, so i can rule out major flaws first. But i wouldn't expect it to work propery before next year.
Is anyone else having the same issue of not being able to connect to the TS server? I have been trying for about a week now and can't get connected. :cry:
Me neither. I'm too lazy right now to read up on all the past forum posts but, I think the server crawled in a fox hole and Axis grenade spammed it. :)
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