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There have been a lot of early access games WWII games lately, but this one seems really interesting. They launched their Kickstarter today and a lot more infos with it. Also some gameplay footage.

I probably won't back it since too many early access games have failed me, but i will certainly keep an eye on it.
I just wanted to post the exact same thing, it looks very promising.
it has an "arma" feel, with better graphics.
Now THIS is something I could get behind.
they made the minimum amount of backers.( 100.000 USD)

USD $110,000: Deployable Mortars (AUD 140,000)
USD $120,000: Foy Map (AUD 152,500)
USD $130,000: Flamethrowers (AUD 165,250)
USD $140,000: Hurtgen Forest Map (AUD 178,100)
USD $150,000: Light Tanks (AUD 190,800)
USD $160,000: Utah Beach Map (AUD 203,550)
USD $170,000: Mobile Artillery (AUD 216,270)
USD $180,000: Carentan Map (AUD 229,000)
USD $190,000: Strafing Run Call-In (AUD 241,700)
USD $200,000: Armored Recovery Vehicles (AUD 254,440)
USD $210,000: St Mere Eglise Map (AUD 267,000)
USD $220,000: Deployable Anti-Personnel Minefields (AUD 279,900)
USD $230,000: Marvie Map
USD $240,000: Scout Vehicles
USD $250,000: Dismemberment
USD $260,000: Deployable Flak Cannons
USD $270,000: Winter uniforms for both German and US forces
USD $280,000: Flamethrower tank variant for German and US forces
USD $290,000: Drivable civilian vehicles (bicycle, truck, town-car)
USD $300,000: Early war Ostfront German forces
USD $400,000: Russian Forces including 2 Eastern Front maps.
USD $500,000: British Forces including 2 Operation Market Garden maps.
USD $600,000: Canadian Forces including 2 Falaise Pocket maps.
USD $700,000: Japanese Forces including 2 Pacific Theatre maps.

You're welcome Donni - JD

PIB has bought 2 Platoon packages for 12 people and will buy more if more people are interested.
tomcath wrote: it has an "arma" feel, with better graphics.

But in arma there is near limitless possibilities of scenarios and teamkilling because people cant recognize uniforms.
like Ze_patriot who make at least 2 teamkill each time he play xD
nope, not paying any more money into kickstarter/alpha/prealpha games. I Learned my lesson with Days of War, once it comes out properly i shall buy it
2nd that Lib, also it will only be 30 $ on steam as well.
this is the first kickstarter I did, I just normally don't pay without seeing anything. with this team that first spend 2 years to come up with something mind blowing and know what they're doing, I made an exception.

I think its an exceptional team with an exceptional game.
third(ed)??? anyway looks like a cross breed of Foxhole supply lines in first person with much more micro-managing involved. We shall see.

also community integration?
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